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See the dramatic impact bariatric surgery can have in this inspiring video from ASMBS.

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Meet Our Inspiring Patients!


Caleb & Danielle









Caleb and Danielle weighed more than 720 pounds combined before undergoing bariatric surgery together. They now volunteer at Fort Sanders Regional, offering support to other bariatric patients.  CLICK HERE to read their full story!








Danny has shed more than 300 pounds in a year through a combination of diet, exercise and bariatric surgery. He wore a size 9XL swim trunks prior to surgery.  CLICK HERE to read Danny’s full story.


Pre-surgery weight: 248
Treatment: Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
Result: Lost 108 pounds

Tracie After

Tracie was slightly overweight growing up, but packed on lots of pounds when she got pregnant. By the time Kitts was 40, she was 100 pounds overweight and taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication.

“I had hypertension, high cholesterol, and I had a lot of back and joint pain. After talking with one of my doctors, they told me I needed to lose weight or I would develop diabetes because it’s in my family.”

The weight took a toll on her family life as well. “I had a baby and she was growing up, and I couldn’t play with her,” said Kitts. “I went to Dollywood and wasn’t able to ride in the swings with her, which embarrassed me big time.”

Kitts works as a patient advocate in the office of Dr. Jonathan Ray, a bariatric surgeon with Foothills Weight Loss Specialists at the Fort Sanders Center for Bariatric Surgery. Kitts helps patients prepare for weight loss surgery, and in 2011, she decided the surgery was right for her as well.

Dr. Ray performed a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy on Kitts. Using laparoscopic instruments and several small incisions, Dr. Ray removed about 80 percent of Kitts’ stomach.

With any weight loss surgery, the lifestyle changes afterward are even more important than the surgery. Kitts’ whole family, including her husband, David, and daughter, Sarah, made changes to their diet and exercise habits.

Kitts lost 108 pounds within a year of her surgery. Her husband and daughter lost weight as well.

Kitts said she recommends weight loss surgery and  Dr. Ray to anyone struggling with obesity. “Dr. Ray is a joy,” she said. “Every time my daughter sees Dr. Ray, she always says, ‘He saved my mom’s life.’”


Pre-surgery weight: 235
Treatment: Robotically-assisted Gastric Bypass
Result: Lost 115 pounds

Ashley After

Ashley struggled with “roller-coasting” dieting since middle school and decided to take control of her health and life. Before her Gastric Bypass procedure, Ashley suffered from high blood pressure, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypoglycemia, fatigue and headaches. Since losing more than 100 pounds through surgery, exercising and a healthier diet, Ashley’s symptoms have resolved.

“It’s a day and night difference,” says Ashley. “I have my quality of life back, self-esteem and confidence back.”

Ashley Before

Since bariatric surgery, Ashley also enjoys biking, having the energy to keep up with her 3-year old, and being slim enough to ride roller coasters again.

Ashley wants people considering weight loss surgery to know that it’s a tool that can help you change your life, but it’s not a “quick fix”.

“It’s a life long commitment to changing the way you eat and live. You can feel so much better. Do your research and make the choice that is best for you!”


Pre-surgery weight: 355
Treatment: Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
Result: Lost 123 pounds

Daniel (with granddaughter Addison) lost 123 pounds with the Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Two of Dan’s favorite things in life are his granddaughter Addison, and his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. As Dan’s weight ballooned to 355 pounds and his health deteriorated, it became difficult to keep up with little Addison or to comfortably ride his motorcycle. Dan also developed diabetes and had to take 6 pills a day for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Dan says he decided to undergo the Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure to improve his health, but more importantly, “…to live longer and be there for my young granddaughter. “ Since surgery, Dan is more active than ever before and is no longer taking medication. He says the savings in medication and doctor bills is a big bonus.

Dan before Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Dan says the weight loss surgery has been well worth it for him. And, now, with a second grand baby on the way, Dan is especially glad that he made the choice to change his life and health for the better.