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No More Mr. Big Guy: Rocky Top Man Loses 400 Lbs.

Fort Sanders Health & Lifestyles John Dougherty was the big man in town. “There could be guys over 6 feet tall in the room, but I was always ‘the big guy’ because I weighed 625 pounds and was 5-foot-9. I wasn’t overweight – I was ‘under tall,” he said jokingly. “But I didn’t want to […]

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He Shed, She Shed: Knox Couple Take Bariatric Route to Healthier Life

News from Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center He said he wanted “a second chance at life.” She said she wanted a family. Together, Caleb and Danielle Neeley are on their way after surgeries by Jonathan Ray, MD, a bariatric surgeon at Fort Sanders Center for Bariatric Surgery and Foothills Weight Loss Specialists in Knoxville. Since […]

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Bypassing go: Cleveland woman gets energized after bariatric surgery

She never liked having pictures made, but after losing 279 pounds via gastric bypass, Robin Ayala of Cleveland, Tenn., might want to reconsider that one photo she loathes most: the one on her driver’s license. “I’ve had to show people my driver’s license and they won’t accept it!” Ayala said recently. “They don’t believe it’s […]

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