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Are you a candidate for bariatric surgery?

The team at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville knows that bariatric surgery is not a quick-fix surgery. It helps you lose weight but it also calls for your commitment to lifestyle changes.  Bariatric Surgery and Weight Loss Over a decade ago, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), published a report that individuals who are […]

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A good support system is important after surgery

Bariatric surgery can be a great tool for achieving weight loss. It’s a life-changing procedure but can also be overwhelming, especially at the start. This is why we, at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville, believe in the importance of having a good support system even before you embark on this journey. Why a good […]

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What is Gastric Sleeve?

If losing weight through diet and exercise have not helped you lose weight long term, then you may have considered weight loss surgery. Also known as bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery treats obesity and indirectly, the conditions that go along with it. This includes sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis.  Sleeve Gastrectomy for Weight Loss […]

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