Robotic Surgery

Dr. Colquitt and Dr. Ray of Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons use the newest bariatric techniques available such as surgical robotics for minimally invasive surgery. They have performed more robotic weight loss procedures than any other surgeons in Tennessee.

What is Robotic Bariatric Surgery?

Robotically-assisted bariatric surgery is performed using the da Vinci Robotic System. That gives surgeons an enlarged, 3-D view of the stomach and surrounding organs. The surgeon precisely maneuvers instruments using a special computer console through tiny incisions in the patient’s abdomen, making the procedure less invasive than traditional bariatric surgery.

Robotic weight loss surgery offers patients several potential benefits, including a quicker recovery, less pain and scarring, and a shorter hospital stay. Your Foothills Weight Loss Surgeon will discuss with you whether you are an appropriate candidate for robotic bariatric surgery.

Photo courtesy of Intuitive Surgical