Bariatric surgery is a major step in one’s weight loss journey. So, it’s not uncommon for patients who have undergone weight loss surgery to feel overwhelmed. This is one of the many reasons support groups can be helpful.

Support Group for Bariatric Surgery Patients

There are so many benefits of joining a support group after bariatric surgery. Three of these include:

  1. Validation
    Support groups are a great place to express your concerns and questions as there are people in the group who have been in your situation. Being in a support group doesn’t just validate the choice of undergoing weight loss surgery, it also helps in alleviating the feeling of loneliness of being on this journey.
  2. Education
    Contrary to what some people believe, support groups aren’t just for emotional support. They can equip you with helpful information regarding diet, exercise, and other areas of lifestyle after bariatric surgery (e.g. socialization). This kind of support group usually invites experts (i.e. nutritionists, doctors, etc.) as guest speakers to help guide you through these challenges.
  3. Accountability
    Although there were a lot of patients who were successful in maintaining a healthy weight after bariatric surgery, there were also those who slipped into their old habits and ended up getting back the pounds they’re trying to lose. Having a support group can help you get in-check with your weight loss goals.


Support groups provide weight loss surgery patients an excellent opportunity to discuss various personal and professional challenges. The changes after bariatric surgery can be overwhelming. A support group can provide an opportunity to express concerns without the fear of being judged. Being surrounded by people who have been in your shoes can also make you feel empowered and help you stay focused on long-term weight loss goals.

Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville provides monthly support group meetings for bariatric patients. We are happy to offer a space of welcoming comfort for patients to share and discuss. Find a list of upcoming support groups on our website.