If you have just undergone bariatric or weight loss surgery, you may be anxious about surviving your first Thanksgiving after the procedure. After all, it’s the time of the year where hearty, large meals are served.

Proper preparation is the key towards enjoying this holiday unscathed. Foothills Weight Loss Specialists in Knoxville share some tips to help you survive Thanksgiving after bariatric surgery:

  • Plan your meals
    If you’re cooking the meal, make sure to have healthy meal options you are comfortable eating.Choosing to eat healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the good food you love to eat. A trick to sticking to your diet plan without feeling deprived is being smart with substitutions. For instance, you can use a low-sodium fat-free chicken broth for your stuffing and gravy instead of the typical chicken broth. Doing this can be a good way too to introduce healthy and mindful eating to your family.
  • Say ‘no’ to leftovers
    As tempting it may be to keep leftovers, they will only encourage you to eat more often. A neat trick to keep it from happening is by handing leftovers to your guests. Make it easier for people to take food home by buying ahead those “take out” containers.
  • Keep yourself busy
    Whether it’s taking a long walk or playing games with family and friends, keeping yourself active all throughout the holiday can help encourage good digestion. This will also give you more quality time with your family and can help you keep the focus on family and friends, instead of food.

Although Thanksgiving is a day of celebration, don’t lose sight of the meal plan you and your dietitian have built together. With preparation, determination, and support from your loved ones, you can make it through anything.

Keep long term goals in mind, and be grateful that you have made it to where you are now.  Call our office today at (865) 984-3413 to learn how Foothills Weight Loss Specialists in Knoxville can help you start your bariatric surgery journey.