ReShape BalloonReShape is one of the latest, innovative weight loss solutions offered by Foothills Weight Loss Specialists in Knoxville. Unlike various types of bariatric surgery, ReShape is a non-surgical procedure specifically designed for individuals with lower body mass indexes (BMIs), who may not qualify for other weight loss surgeries or prefer to not undergo a surgical procedure.

The ReShape procedure involves an inserted dual balloon to put patients on a proven path to weight loss. ReShape may be right for you if you have:

  • BMI between 30 – 40 with a co-morbidity
  • No previous weight loss surgery
  • Willingness to make changes to support a healthy lifestyle

If eligibility requirements resonate with you, and you’re ready to make changes to create a healthier lifestyle, our team at Foothills Weight Loss Specialists can help. ReShape can help you take charge of your weight, health and lifestyle.

The balloon placement is completed endoscopically, without surgery, in an outpatient setting. When you commit to ReShape, you can trust that you’ll receive comprehensive coaching and support for an entire year of your journey. We are proud to say that the majority of ReShape patients are able to keep their weight off or continue to lose weight to meet their desired goals.

Read what other ReShape patients have had to say about their experience:

“I really love ReShape for two reasons: it’s noninvasive and you don’t have to alter your body. And the program teaches you how to eat correctly and retain your weight loss.”

– Patrick

ReShape offers what no other program did. You have the balloons helping you feel full, and then there’s the support, so you learn how to manage on your own. They’re always there for you, so I didn’t want to disappoint them and I didn’t want to disappoint myself.”

– Virginia


*A full evaluation is required to determine your eligibility.

Call Foothills Weight Loss Specialists today at (865) 984-3413 to learn if you may be a candidate for ReShape.


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