The choice to have weight loss surgery involves careful consideration and consultation with an experienced bariatric surgeon. The decision about where to have your surgery should not be taken lightly either.

Though similar certification programs exist, there are specific reasons for selecting a facility designated as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence (BSCOE) by the Surgical Review Corporation. This Center of Excellence designation recognizes surgical programs with a demonstrated track record of favorable short- and long-term outcomes in bariatric surgery and requires compliance with rigorous standards established by the Surgical Review Corporation. This independent, nonprofit organization is focused on insuring the best outcomes for bariatric surgery by collecting information on surgeries performed, identifying benchmarks for quality and establishing specific guidelines for clinical practices. With results from over 130,000 patients thus far, it is the largest repository of bariatric surgery patient information in the world.

According to Dr. Eric J. DeMaria, chairman of the Surgical Review Corporation’s research advisory committee, procedures performed by Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence are significantly safer than even common surgical procedures such as hip replacements and gall bladder surgeries. The strict standards and procedures required by the designating committee have truly made a difference in surgical safety and outcomes.

By choosing Foothills Weight Loss Specialists, a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence as designated by the Surgical Review Corporation, you can be assured that our staff of professionals is working toward providing you with the best possible outcome from your weight loss surgery.