Understanding Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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If you’re exploring your options for weight loss surgery, you may have come across the term “laparoscopic gastric sleeve” or “sleeve gastrectomy”. This procedure is increasingly becoming a popular choice due to its effectiveness and minimal invasiveness. For appropriate patients, Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Mark Colquitt Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons, can perform this surgery on an outpatient basis at the Premier Surgical Surgery Center in Knoxville, TN. But what exactly is laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery, and could it be the right choice for you?

What is Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of the stomach, limiting the amount of food you can eat and helping you feel full sooner. During the operation, the surgeon removes a large portion of the stomach, leaving behind a ‘sleeve’-shaped section about the size of a banana.

This surgery is performed laparoscopically, meaning it’s minimally invasive. The surgeon makes small incisions and uses a laparoscope – a thin tube with a camera on the end – to view and operate on the stomach. This approach often results in fewer complications, less scarring, and a quicker recovery time compared to open surgery.

Who Qualifies for Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is typically recommended for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher. However, it may also be an option for those with a BMI between 35 and 40 if they have weight-related health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea.

Other factors are also considered to determine eligibility, including past attempts at weight loss, overall physical health, and psychological status. It’s important to note that candidates must be prepared to make substantial lifestyle changes post-surgery, including a commitment to a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Dr. Mark Colquitt of Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville, offers this procedure for appropriate patients as an inpatient surgery at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and at the Premier Surgical Surgery Center in Knoxville, TN. As part of the preoperative process, you will have an opportunity to meet with Dr. Colquitt and our team to discuss the procedure in detail and assess your eligibility.

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery can be a transformative procedure for those struggling with obesity and weight-related health conditions. However, it’s important to note that this surgery is a tool – the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Ongoing commitment to dietary changes, physical activity, and regular follow-ups is crucial for long-term success.

If you’re considering bariatric surgery and would like to learn more about laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery, watch our free informational bariatric seminar. It’s your first step to understanding the procedure, its benefits, potential risks, and the lifestyle changes required post-surgery.

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