Support SystemAre you considering a weight loss procedure? When it comes to undergoing any type of weight loss procedure, your support system plays a critical role. Establishing a support system helps you remain motivated, positive, and successful in keeping weight off in the long-term. Our team at Foothills Weight Loss Specialists in Knoxville offers insight on different ways to create a supportive network as you pursue your weight loss and health goals.

Support Groups

Support groups are an essential part of the post-surgery process. Most support groups offer patients the opportunity to discuss their personal journeys, ask questions and learn tools and information from professionals.

“Most people learn that weight loss surgery is not necessarily an immediate fix. Support groups help you work through emotional issues that may influence your eating behaviors or progress, heal damage that obesity often has on your well-being, and learn from those going through the same process,” explains Foothills Weight Loss Specialists surgeon, Dr. Mark Colquitt.

Our support groups meet regularly to assist you with short-term and long-term questions and needs. In the sessions, we often have guest speakers share their knowledge, host fun activities to encourage you to stay informed and on track, as well as have our staff touch base on your progress. From goal setting and road mapping to post-surgery nutrition and eating behaviors, our support groups cover a wide variety of topics with you specifically in mind.

Family & Friends

Involve those you love and trust in your journey.

“Having family and friends aware of your modifications after surgery will provide additional emotional support,” says Foothills Weight Loss Specialist surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Ray. “There also may be things you are more comfortable sharing with loved ones, rather than your support group attendees, as you go through these changes. Family and friends can work alongside you to overcome obstacles and lifestyle shifts.”

Often, we encourage you to have your loved ones partake in your new healthy habits with you. This will help motivate you in social gatherings, offer a buddy system for necessary exercise, and increase your likelihood of continued success. It is particularly important immediately following your procedure, as your doctor will place you on a post-operative diet and discuss restrictions you may have.

Ongoing post-surgical support helps produce the greatest level of success for patients, and we encourage you to create a multifaceted support system to help you stay on track in your path to a healthier life.

Online Support

Some patients find the additional component of online support helpful. Online forums or groups for patients spur discussions, offer tools, and assistance from professionals as well as those going through the post weight loss surgery process.

About Foothills Weight Loss Specialists Support Groups

Support group sessions for our patients are typically held on the first Thursday of each month at 6 p.m., and on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. for those living in the Knoxville area. Unless noted otherwise, the Knoxville support group meets at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. If you prefer to meet in Maryville, support groups are typically held the second Saturday of each month at 9 a.m. at Vienna Coffeehouse.