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If you have nutrition questions, we have the answers.

All of our pre-and post-operative patients are invited to attend a weekly Nutrition Q&A in our office lobby each Wednesday from noon to 1:30 p.m. During this time, registered dietitians from the Blount Memorial Weight Management Center are available to provide nutrition advice. Participation is free.

Proper nutrition is essential for bariatric surgery patients, both before and after surgery. Prior to surgery, patients must focus on attaining the best possible health, and that includes both exercise and good diet. Because bariatric surgery limits the amount of food that can be taken in or the amount of nutrients absorbed, post-surgery patients must ensure the food they eat is nutritious.

These weekly, interactive nutrition sessions are yet another service we provide to ensure positive outcomes and good health for our patients. For more information about Nutrition Q&A, contact us or visit our office during session hours.