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Bariatric surgery has been known to be one of the most effective ways for obese patients to lose weight. However, research also shows that weight loss surgery can also help improve obesity-related problems such as diabetes.

Weight Loss Surgery and Diabetes
In a study published in the journal Science, researchers found out that gastric bypass can lead to permanent remission of diabetes, even when patients gain weight.

About Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common conditions affecting about 80 to 85 percent of obese patients.

When a person has excess weight in the body, the cells in the body become less sensitive to insulin, a glucose-regulating hormone produced by the pancreas. This can eventually lead to insulin resistance, a condition on which the insulin ratio is higher than the blood sugar level.

When left unmanaged, type 2 diabetes can lead to a number of complications including multi-organ failure. The good news is, type 2 diabetes is one of those conditions that can be reversed with lifestyle changes.

How Gastric Bypass Could Help
In the published study, it has been found out that after gastric bypass, the small intestine spontaneously produces a special molecule (called GLUT-1) that helps the body use glucose.

Researchers theorize that this happens as the intestine has to work harder to absorb the nutrients or move the food further down.

How Gastric Bypass Works
There are two steps involved in a gastric bypass procedure. The first step is to make the stomach smaller while the second step is for the bypass.

During the first step, the surgeon divides the stomach into a smaller upper section (the pouch) and a larger bottom section. The smaller section, which will only be about the size of a walnut, is where the food you eat goes.

In the second step, the surgeon connects a small part of the small intestine to a small hole in
your pouch. This causes your body to absorb fewer calories.

Are you a good candidate for bariatric surgery?
Patients who are morbidity obese (a body mass index of 35 and above) and with obesity-related health issues are good candidates for bariatric surgery.

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Understanding Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes