Bariatric surgery can be a great tool for achieving weight loss. It’s a life-changing procedure but can also be overwhelming, especially at the start. This is why we, at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville, believe in the importance of having a good support system even before you embark on this journey.

Why a good support system matter?

When you decide to undergo a weight loss surgery, you commit yourself to long-term changes in your diet and lifestyle. You have a greater chance of succeeding in these areas if you are surrounded by people who understand and support your goals.

The Role of Your Family and Friends

Your family and friends can be your immediate source of support during this journey. They can help you commit to your goals by listening when you talk about changes in your body, making sure that you are taking your medications including your needed multivitamins, supporting a new exercise routine, and helping you keep track of your weight loss journey.

Joining a Support Group

While your family and friends can play an important role in listening about your struggles and supporting you in this journey, many of them may not have a full grasp of what you’re going through. This is where joining bariatric groups becomes valuable. 

A support group can:

  • Offer help in every step of the way
    People in a support group are often willing to talk about their experience and give you advice on what you’re going through. 

Life after bariatric surgery can be both exciting and challenging. By talking to individuals who have gone through it can make the journey a little less isolating and difficult. It would make you feel that you’re not alone.

  • Keep you from giving up
    Words from people who had bariatric surgery can be a source of encouragement especially in times when you feel like giving up. With their own experiences, you will find the courage to keep going on even when it’s tough.
  • Provide a dynamic support system
    In many cases, a bariatric support group will have sessions in which they invite doctors, dietitians, and other professionals who can help you with your journey. Access to these care providers can significantly help you in your recovery and life after it.

Our team at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville supports our patients in every step of the process – before, during, and after surgery. For a group of upcoming bariatric support groups for our patients visit our Support Group page at

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