Information Seminar - Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons - Knoxville, TN

At Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville, TN, we require all of our patients to attend or view our FREE info. series. This will be your very first step to achieving better health and improving your quality of life.

Why attend our information seminar?
Bariatric surgery is not your average surgical procedure. It can change your life in a variety of ways, but you can only get the results that you want if you commit yourself to changes.

When you sign up for weight loss surgery, you commit yourself to lifelong changes, especially with diet and exercise.

We want you to be successful in your weight loss journey, so we want you to be fully informed before committing to it. This seminar provides you with that opportunity.

We will discuss what bariatric surgery is and we’ll walk you through the weight loss surgery process from pre-surgery to post. If you have questions or concerns about the procedure, we have specialists in this seminar that can address those.

Our in-person seminar is back!
Due to concerns with COVID-19, we temporarily suspended our in-person seminar. We’re happy to announce that we’re back! However, to ensure everyone’s safety, we have some safety protocols to observe.

Most importantly, we require every patient and guest to wear a mask at all Premier Surgical offices and to observe social distancing.

Can’t make it in-person? We have an online option.
If you can’t attend our in-person seminar, we also offer an online option.

Our online seminar can be viewed at any time, and anywhere, as long as you have a decent Internet connection. It’s a 35-minute video including a quiz.

After attending or watching the seminar, we’d like you to contact our office at (865) 984-3413 to confirm that we have received your registration.

Ready to make changes for your health?
Begin your journey by registering for our in-person seminar here.
For the online version of our seminar, you can view it here.

Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons is part of Premier Surgical Bariatrics in Knoxville, Tennessee. Foothills is affiliated with the Fort Sanders Regional Center for Bariatric Surgery, part of Covenant Health Bariatric Services.