Undergoing bariatric surgery is a major event. It can be a significant step in a person’s weight loss journey. Aside from the obvious change in one’s physique, the surgery also brings about a number of changes in lifestyle.

In order to achieve long-term weight loss goals, patients who undergo bariatric surgery are advised to make modifications in their diet and physical activity. Having a good support system during these life changes is critical as it helps keep you motivated and positive as you’re working towards your health and weight goals.

You can find support from different groups. Post-surgery, patients are encouraged to join a support group, and also seek support from family and friends. You can also find helpful resources through online forums and websites.

Family and Friends

Your family and friends are your immediate support system. The changes after the surgery can be overwhelming especially with the health and emotional effects obesity has brought in your life. Having supportive family and friends can help you go through the transition phase with more ease.

Bringing family or friends with you to follow-up appointments can help, as it can make them aware of the necessary lifestyle changes you need to make. They can assist you in modifying your diet and may even serve as your accountability buddy when it comes to this or physical fitness. 

Online Resources

Aside from your family and friends, you can also seek support from online resources like forums. This can be a good option if you are away from family, close friends, or a local support groups. Some of these online resources offer discussions, help, and assistance from professionals and people who have undergone the surgery just like you.

Support Groups

Support groups are comprised of people who have been in your shoes. Joining these groups can provide emotional support especially that these people know exactly what you’re going through. Being able to share your frustration, worries, and progress with people who can empathize with your situation is a relief and can keep you motivated in your weight loss journey.

Foothills Weight Loss Specialists in Knoxville provides local monthly support groups for patients who have had bariatric surgery. Each meeting focuses on a different topic of the challenges faced by those who have undergone weight loss surgery, and provides resources to help stay on track.

Learn more about our Foothills Weight Loss support groups and see dates for upcoming meetings here.