lapbandGastric banding is less invasive than bypass surgery and is reversible at any time. Because of these advantages, the procedure is in great demand. While banding may be perfect for some personalities, it is not for everyone.

Simply speaking, banding is a nudge in the right direction for weight loss, while gastric bypass is a push in that direction. Because the gastric band is a restrictive procedure that only limits food intake, the patient must be motivated to eat healthier options and follow an exercise routine to ensure weight loss. Gastric banding works best for patients who have driven personalities and a well-defined desire to succeed.

We offer the Realize gastric band, which wraps completely around the upper part of the stomach, and the Realize Injection Port (which is inserted during the same surgery as the band) is attached to the abdominal wall underneath the skin. The injection port is used to add or remove saline after surgery, which controls the tightness around the stomach. The system allows patients to feel full more quickly and for longer periods of time.

There is no “one size fits all” to weight loss surgery. What works best for one patient may not be the right fit for another. Through our thorough pre-surgery evaluation process, we can help determine if gastric banding is right for you.

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