Bariatric Surgery - Knoxville, TNWith lockdown restrictions starting to ease up and with the weather starting to warm up, now is a great opportunity to head outside and exercise.

Exercising Before Bariatric Surgery
Studies show that starting an exercise program before your bariatric surgery can have several benefits. For one, it can help improve your cardiovascular health, which could reduce your risk of surgery-related complications.

Getting into a workout program prior to weight loss surgery can also prepare your body for a faster recovery and an easier transition to an active lifestyle afterward.

As you’re preparing for surgery, it’s important to make weight loss as your primary goal. Losing weight, even if it’s just a few pounds, can have a significant impact on the surgery outcome.

The following tips can help you ease your way into exercising:

  • Start slow. You may want to start with low-impact cardio exercises such as walking. Try walking just around your neighborhood in short intervals and aim to eventually do it for longer periods of time.
  • Prioritize duration over intensity. At this point, your priority is weight loss. Aim to eventually be able to exercise for 60 minutes/day, 6 days a week.
  • Incorporate strength training. When doing strength training, use light to moderate heavyweights. The goal of strength training here is to maintain your lean muscle mass.
  • Schedule rest days. This is important especially when you’re doing strength training. Make sure you have at least 48 hours between your strength training sessions.

Guidelines for Exercising After Weight Loss Surgery
Physical activity after weight loss surgery can help your body recover faster. It can help improve your circulation, prevent the formation of blood clots, promote wound healing, and keep you regular.

Before you start any exercise program, it’s important to talk to your surgeon to know your limitations.

Usually, in the first few weeks after surgery, you can do light activities like walking. Walking regularly is highly encouraged as it helps you build that activity threshold.

Once your body is ready, you can add more activities and work out longer.

Precautions When Exercising After Bariatric Surgery
If you had open surgery, you are generally not allowed to lift anything heavier than 15 lbs during the first six weeks after surgery. Doctors usually also recommend avoiding abdominal exercises during the first 8 to 12 weeks to allow the incision to heal and prevent the development of abdominal hernias.

The team at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville, TN can guide you on what to do and what not when it comes to exercising before and after surgery.

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