Deciding to undergo bariatric surgery to change your life and most importantly, improve your health, is a major undertaking. This is why at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeon in Knoxville, we require our prospective qualified patients to take part in a bariatric seminar BEFORE committing to weight loss surgery.

This free informational seminar is your very first step towards achieving better health and improving your quality of life. It provides detailed helpful information about bariatric surgery process including what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

We offer two options for this seminar: a live (in-person) seminar where you can meet our surgeons and team, and an online seminar. Pleases note:

Closed Captioned Online Seminar

If you can’t make it to the live seminar, the online seminar could be the right fit for you. The minimal requirements are a computer with a headphone or speaker, internet access (a Chrome, FireFox or Safari browser is required), and the completion for the registration for the seminar.  Please note: the seminar works best on a computer, but may be viewed via cell phone or tablet. If you take the seminar using a phone, please contact our office afterwards at (865) 984-3413 to confirm that we have received your information.

We, at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons wanted this seminar to be easily accessible to everyone. We’re happy to inform you that our online seminar is now closed captioned for our patients with hearing impairment.

The seminar is still 35 minutes long, so make sure to set aside time for it.

To register for an online seminar, fill out the form here.