Bariatric surgery is a life-changing procedure. How much change you will see after it, solely depends on you.

Those who have been the most successful in keeping off the weight after the surgery are the ones who have made the necessary changes to make it happen. They incorporate regular physical activity and follow their dietitian’s guidelines on eating healthier.

Our specialists at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville understand that while it’s not a walk in the park, these lifestyle changes are doable. These days, there are even apps you can use to keep on track and stay motivated.

Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons has partnered with Baritastic to provide the  Baristatic app. Baritastic is one of the best apps we found for bariatric surgery patients.

Features of Baritastic App

Baritastic is a featured-packed app created with the weight loss surgery patient in mind. With the app, you can:

  • Track your nutritional intake
    It enables you to keep track of your calories and macros. You can also set specific goals before and after weight loss surgery.
  • Set daily reminders for your vitamins and supplements
    Vitamins and supplements are needed after bariatric surgery. With the app, you can set reminders and can easily purchase more if needed.
  • Get support
    Life after bariatric surgery can be a challenge. And it’s harder when you don’t have anyone to talk with regarding your struggles. The app offers support by providing you easy access to your favorite weight loss forums, and it will send you reminders about Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons’ monthly support groups..
  • Keep on track with healthy eating
    The app has bariatric-friendly recipes that are healthy and delicious.
  • Stay motivated
    There will be ups and downs in your weight loss journey. The app provides you with a weekly boost of motivation to keep you going. You can also create a photo timeline so you can take photos of your progress.


The app is designed and  recommended by our experts at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons, and the best thing about Baritastic app is that it’s free. It’s available for both iOS and Android users. For more details visit our Baritastic page on the Foothills Weight Loss website