Even though weight loss surgery can be extremely beneficial for those who have been unsuccessful in losing weight through traditional methods, the surgery is only the beginning. The habits you create and the lifestyle choices you make after the surgery often determines the success of long-term weight loss goals.

Stay on Track with a Food Journal

One of the most effective ways to keep track of and manage food choices is by keeping a food journal. A food journal is done in the same way as a regular journal, except that instead of keeping a daily account of your thoughts and experiences, you’ll be writing down what you’ve eaten that day.

The purpose of keeping a food journal is to help you keep track of the food choices you make throughout the day. This is a great tactic for achieving long-term weight loss. Your food journal can make you more aware of when and where you are taking in the most calories.

Keeping a food journal post bariatric surgery not only helps you keep track of calories, but it can also help you keep track of where you’re getting your nutrients, and if you’re getting enough. Several studies have shown that those who keep a food journal are more likely to succeed in their weight loss goals and keep it off long term.

Getting Started with a Food Journal

Consistency is necessary to make the most of your food journal. You can avoid unnecessary guesses and inaccurate entries by making it a habit to update your food journal while you’re preparing your food, or immediately after you’ve finished a meal.

Precision is important in keeping a food journal. Write down exactly what you’re eating, which includes portion sizes and nutrient amount. It may also be beneficial to write how you’re feeling that day. Keeping track of feelings along with meals can help you to understand how you feel at certain parts of the day, or when eating certain meals.

Foothills Weight Loss Specialists in Knoxville encourages food journaling to all of our weight loss surgery patients. Whether you’re keeping notes on your phone, using a food journaling app, or writing it down in an actual journal, start keeping track today!

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