Valentine’s day, a day notorious for sugary treats, is just around the corner. So, how can you, a post-bariatric surgery patient, enjoy the day without breaking your diet plan?

Simple. Swap your candy for a more filling protein shake.


Why protein is important after bariatric surgery?

Protein is one of the vital food elements after a weight loss surgery. It helps build and maintain muscle mass, which is important for weight loss.

Being in a low calorie diet puts you at great risk of reduced muscle mass. If the body doesn’t get protein from outside sources, it will continue to break down more muscle mass to compensate. And that isn’t a good thing.

Protein is also needed for wound healing. When you have insufficient protein intake, your body and your wound won’t heal as fast as it should.

Having protein in your diet keeps you full. It fills you up for longer periods of time, making you less hungry between meals.


How much protein would you need?

Although this depends from one person to another, a bariatric surgery patient would normally be recommended to have between 60 and 80 grams of protein daily. Patients who have biliopancreative diversion may need more protein than that (it’s usually at least 90 grams per day).


Where to get your protein?

Getting the right amount of protein can be tricky after bariatric surgery as your stomach can only take a certain amount of food. This is why protein shakes can be a good thing to add to your diet. They’re flavorful (you can customize them based on your taste preference) and they can help you meet your daily protein requirement.


Give more love to yourself this Valentine’s day. Swap your sweet treats to a more filling protein shake.

We make our own protein shake at Foothills Weight Loss Center. Call us to find out more about it.