Melody Helms, our patient advocate, oversees testing, records, appointments and patient progress. Her interaction with our patients runs deeper than that, though, thanks in large part to her own successful weight loss through bariatric surgery.

“I struggled with my weight since childhood,” says Helms. “I tried everything to lose weight, and often succeeded at losing, but never at maintaining, weight loss.”

Helms goes on to say that she finally quit going to see her family doctor because he just kept telling her that she needed to lose weight. “I didn’t need to hear a doctor scolding me about my need to lose weight. I needed a doctor who could tell me how.”

Helms came to work for us about two years ago. After one year of seeing the life-changing results our patients were experiencing, she decided to have bariatric surgery. Since her surgery on March 10, 2009, Helms has lost an amazing 159.5 pounds.

“The surgery provided the tool and the opportunity for my weight loss,” says Helms. “Before surgery, I pretty much resigned myself to thinking that I would always be overweight. Now, I have a new life and am able to enjoy lots of activities with my young daughters, which was a big reason I wanted the surgery.”

Because of her personal experience with bariatric surgery, Helms is better able to relate to our patients, and they feel very comfortable approaching her with questions. She says that she really enjoys interacting with the patients and finds it very rewarding to help them through the process.

“I feel very blessed to work at Foothills Weight Loss Specialists,” says Helms. “It’s exciting to see people improve their lives.”