The new year signifies a fresh start! For some of us, it means starting a healthier lifestyle like eating more whole foods or getting regular physical activities.

Setting goals that would improve your health is great! However, not everyone keeps up with these resolutions. 

The common culprit? Setting unrealistic goals.

Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons in Knoxville believe that a key to sticking to your health and fitness goals is setting realistic, sustainable ones. 

Below are some of the resolutions you can easily make time for and be followed for life:

  • Eat more whole foods
    One reason why ‘trendy’ diets fail a lot of times is that they are often highly restrictive. When you restrict yourself too much, it could backfire and even cause you to overeat.

Instead of totally eradicating your favorite treats, set a new goal of eating 80 percent whole food and saving the remaining 20 for your treats. 

This is a good compromise for improving the way you eat. You enjoy the benefits of whole food eating without feeling of being too restricted. 

  • Get more quality sleep

Did you know that sleep does more than just making you feel refreshed or revitalized? A lot of healing in the body occurs during sleep. 

If you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep, try to reduce your screen time before bed, cut back on caffeine, and stick to a regular bedtime schedule.

  • Do more of the physical activities you enjoy

To stay fit or sustain your weight loss, you have to be consistent with your diet and exercise. Staying consistent is more important than the intensity of your workouts.

A good way to stick to your fitness goals is by doing more of the physical activities you enjoy. It could be walking, cycling, dancing, or swimming. Doing at least 30 minutes of these most days of the week can make a lot of difference.

  • Cut back on alcohol

Occasional alcohol drinking can fit into a healthy diet but sometimes, occasional drinking can turn into habitual drinking.

Drinking alcohol more frequently can harm your health and keep you from achieving your health and fitness goals.

If you are trying to cut back on your alcohol intake, you can try mocktails or kombucha.

  • Drink more water

Drinking water can do a lot of good things for you. It keeps you hydrated, makes feel energized, helps you get clearer skin, and helps you lose weight. 

You can start this good habit by bringing a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go. 

They say the new year is like starting a new page in your life. The team at Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons encourages you to start a new page for a healthier, better you this year with these doable resolutions. 

If you’re considering weight loss surgery this year, watch our free, no-obligation info seminar to get the facts about Bariatric Surgery. It could be the start of a whole new you!