As an emotional coping mechanism, many obese people convince themselves that they are not overweight. Conversely, after successfully losing weight, some bariatric patients judge themselves too critically and fail to see an honest reflection of their new bodies.

Our new body scanning system, which provides a complete 3-D scan, helps address both problems and much more.

The scan is performed with a white light scanner and is safe, quick and easy. The scan captures the patient’s body image and automatically extracts measurements. From those measurements a 3-D body image is created.

Post-operatively, patients will be scanned every three months. These scans are used to create a Weight Loss Storybook that includes charts and tables showing weight loss progress. It also includes superimposed pre- and post-op scans that provide a strong visual of progress made. As a result, patients clearly see their results and can objectively view their recovery progress.

At Foothills, we are always looking for ways to improve the likelihood of our patients’ success, and we are very enthusiastic to be adding the scanner to our toolkit. Based on results in other markets, we believe the system will help keep patients in compliance with our program, increase patient satisfaction and improve long-term outcomes.

We hope that all of our patients will take advantage of this new technology, which we are pleased to provide as part of our standard program fee.