Food journaling is an important part of your journey after weight loss surgery. It’s a good way to keep track of your meals, nutrition, and what your diet consists of. It can also provide accountability by breaking down your daily calories, their nutritional value, and where they are coming from.

A food journal can also identify areas in which you may lack important nutrients, or help you pinpoint the source of the problem if you are ingesting too many carbohydrates, sugars, or fats.

By being as specific as possible and updating your food journal regularly, you will likely become more aware of your eating habits. When you become familiar with your own eating habits, you can modify behaviors and practice portion control to best benefit you.

Foothills Weight Loss Specialists’ share tips to consider when starting a food journal:


  1. Use an app on your phone
    Traditional journaling is just fine if you are more comfortable or feel more productive writing down your meals for the day, but know that there are plenty of digital options out there to help you track your diet. With an app like Baritastic, that’s easily accessible on your phone, you may be more likely to keep a better record of what you eat throughout the day.
  2. Record time of day
    Recording the time of day that you are eating or snacking can help you understand when you become hungry most often or when you tend to be fighting cravings. It also may help you regulate your meals.
  3. Record where you ate
    Recording the location where you eat can help you determine if the places you eat affect the amount of food you take in.
  4. Note your mood
    Journaling about your mood when it comes to a food diary may seem silly, but eating is often emotionally driven. Writing about your feelings when consuming specific foods can help you better understand if your mood has an effect on what you decide to eat.
  5. Discuss your food journal with your dietician
    Discussing your food journaling and nutrition openly and honestly with your nutritionist or dietician is not only beneficial to you, but can help them better understand where you’re at in your journey.

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